Content Management Simplified

Are you confused by marketing buzz terms such as content marketing, content strategy, or branded content? Are you unclear about the role they play in your marketing plan? Do you shy away from tasks involving writing about your company or brand?

Allow me to help.


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What is Content Marketing?

This is a marketing technique of creating and distributing content – blogs, articles, guides, emails – relevant to a company’s services or products. The idea is, the brand sharing the information does so to attract followers interested in their service or product. People aren’t likely to seek out, read, or share information they’re not interested in. Therefore, these followers become leads who are familiar with your brand through this sharing of content. When they become familiar enough, and they’re in need of your service or product, they will turn to your brand, knowing you offer what they need.

What is Content Strategy?

This is the process of planning the content creation and distribution. For instance, if blogging fits your marketing needs, what will the blog be about? How many blog posts will your company post daily or weekly? How will you share them with a wider audience? Via Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Email? The process of laying out a content strategy answers all these questions.

What is Branded Content?

This is simultaneously simple and complicated to answer. In broad terms, branded content is any content associated with a brand. To me, though, branded content is more specific. My idea of branded content is to deliver content within the tone, or voice, of a brand. Every company has a story and a personality, and branded content is creating written materials, be it blogs, articles, or emails, conveying that voice to the reader. In this way, the brand becomes something of its own, something solid people can identify with, not just a logo on a website.

Why do You Need Content Marketing?

Millennials. It’s as simple as that.

Millennials are the generation of anyone born between the years 1980 and 2000, and one of the largest generations in history – 92 million as compared to 77 million baby boomers. We grew up during a time of rapid change: economic, technological, and societal change. Because of this, we have a different set of priorities and expectations, forcing companies to adjust how they sell to us.

Due to growing up during the Great Recession, we’re finicky with our money. We own fewer homes than generations before us, fewer cars, and we’re reluctant to buy luxury goods where we don’t feel there is value. When marketing to us, a solid brand isn’t enough. We want a story. We want authenticity. We want value. We want to feel like we’re giving our money to help the world go around, not just to satisfy our material desires.

To market to Millennials, you must connect with them. How? Enhance our experience through relevant and worthy content. Let us know you’re here for us, not the other way around.

As a Millennial, I speak the language. As a writer, I use the language to create valuable content for your brand. When your content is Managed by Rita, we find your brand’s authentic voice together and collaborate on creating a strategy to connect with your audience.

No matter the budget, let me help you develop and execute a custom plan for your content strategy.